Discover the education for a Lifetime

Elizabeth S. Perkins, Director of Admissions

As I reflect back on my family’s journey to finding the right school for our daughters, I remember the hours we spent agonizing over test scores, curriculum standards, and college acceptance rates. We wanted to give our girls every possible advantage in life. At the time, we had not yet discovered Westminster, and were still convinced that there was only one right path to success in life. After being involved in a fender bender with a Westminster student (great marketing plan), my husband asked me to take a look at the school. Not long after reading Dorothy Sayers’ article, The Lost Tools of Learning, our eyes were opened to a new style of education.

We came for an Open House and then several tours. We brought my parents. Our tour guides were incredible; Westminster student ambassadors are the greatest examples of the culmination of this education. I was astounded that we were sent on a tour with just the two high school students. We asked questions, lots of them. You will, too. Come for a tour and meet these students. I was amazed by the House system. I still love watching our older students take on the role of mentor and leader to our younger students. I love watching our younger students learning to fill those shoes, as they move up in the school. This winter, I have loved watching the interactions between our coaches and athletes. These coaches truly understand what it is to coach from a Christian perspective, what it means to build these young athletes up and to have a good heart in the face of healthy competition.

Two years after hearing about Westminster, we finally had the opportunity to enroll our oldest here. Today, I see her thriving. I see her growing, even as a kindergartner, not only in knowledge, but with confidence and in her character. I see her blossoming in a class where rules exist to teach us how to be more Christ-like, not just for the sake of existence. As she learns these rules in the safety of kindergarten, she’ll be ready for 1st grade and beyond, ready to absorb the book-knowledge that’s coming her way.

Each day that I am fortunate enough to come to work at Westminster, I see further evidence of why this is the perfect school for our girls. I cannot wait for my little one (who is 3, but would like me to tell you she’s 3 and a half) to join her sister. I cannot wait for the day we find which house she will be in (only 6 more years!) and she can wear the colors with pride. While choosing Westminster has meant a few sacrifices for our family, affording a classical education can be accomplished. We have made this commitment and would move mountains to give them this education…for this truly is the education for a lifetime.

Call or email me anytime. I love Westminster and I know you will, too.

Jesu Defendi,




Director of Admissions