About Athletics

With over half of all students competing in at least one interscholastic sport, the athletics department at Westminster is growing. Our first priority when it comes to athletics is hiring the finest instructors. In hiring coaches, we look for men and women who love God, excel at coaching, are knowledgeable in their sport, love kids and understand the role sports play in molding godly character through discipline, teamwork, and fair play. Our athletic department takes the time to invest in each and every athlete with a focus on character building, sportsmanship, and discipleship. 

Westminster Academy participates in the Shelby 78, TSSA A, and the PAA leagues.

Kenny Shackelford

Kenny Shackelford

Athletic Director
Phone: (901) 380-9192
Fax: (901) 405-2019

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Athletic Teams

Sports Offered at Westminster
Lower School (1st-6th)  Upper School (7th-12th)
3rd-5th and 6th-8th Grade Cross-Country JV and Varsity Cross-Country
Girls 5th and 6th Grade Volleyball 7th and 8th Grade JV and Varsity Girls Volleyball
5th-8th Grade Football Co-op
Basketball Basketball and Swimming
6th-8th Grade Boys Soccer Boys Soccer
6th-8th Grade Track Varsity Track
Westminster competes with the following schools
Calvary Christian School Margolin Hebrew Academy
Central Baptist School Memphis Catholic High School
Fayette Academy Memphis Home Education Association (MHEA)
FCA Nighthawks Rossville Christian Academy
First Assembly Christian School St. Mary’s Episcopal School
Immaculate Conception Cathedral School The Soulsville Charter School
Jonesboro Homeschool Tipton-Rosemark Academy
Lausanne Colligiate School West Tennessee Christian School
Macon Road Baptist School

Go Defenders!

The school mascot at Westminster is the Defender. By God’s grace we are equipping followers of Christ to defend their faith in God. Scripture teaches us that we are in a spiritual battle and are fighting a real enemy, so we are “defenders” of the faith.

Purple & Gold

Purple and gold are Westminster’s school colors. Purple is the color of royalty and we are robed in the righteousness of Christ as his redeemed children. Gold depicts the end result of God’s sanctifying work in us as we are made pure in Christ.