Physical Education, Science, Art, Latin, and Music (PSALM)

A major element of a thorough classical and Christian education is the cultivation of wonder, excitement, and curiosity about the world around us. Our PSALM classes (PE, science, art, Latin, and music) are taught by practitioners in their fields who are, of course, dedicated to identifying natural gifts and developing skills in all students, but even more interested in cultivating a love of learning that goes outside the classroom.
WA students, even from the earliest years, know that learning is something that they do, and our PSALM classes help students to actively engage their other studies. In science, 2nd graders mummify a carrot alongside their Egyptian history unit. Studying the ruins of Pompeii in Latin class and using that research to build a Roman house creates categories that prepare 7th graders for earth science. 3rd graders studying ancient Greece put on the Olympics with the aid of the PE teacher. We integrate PSALM classes to help students make vital connections between subject areas.