Grammar School Science

In Grammar School science at Westminster, hands on learning is essential. While exploring the key concepts in life, physical, and chemical science the students use kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning activities. Critical thinking is a natural part of our routine since science is fundamentally about learning what the next question should be.

If you walked into our Grammar School science room you might see second graders learning how to measure and observe our world by mummifying carrots while they study about Egypt in history. Third graders study ecology and learn what characteristics to investigate when deciding to which class an animal might belong. By the end of the year, they are backyard explorers. Fourth graders have a fun unit on chemistry as they explore properties of matter and how those properties help us understand the world around us. They are able to figure out how to separate a mixture of iron, sand, sugar, and paper clips using physical properties. Since fifth grade history involves study of the explorers, the students explore our planet with units including weather, magnets, and tectonic plates. Sixth graders get to learn about the digestive, nervous, and cardiovascular systems before they explore atoms and Newton’s Laws. They investigate dissected cow hearts and analyze pendulum movements.

Grammar school science lessons also include having cell relays to learn how protein is made, writing paragraphs comparing the body’s defenses to the defenses of a castle, and playing “hawk/lizard/grasshopper” to understand ecosystems are a part of our program. In labs, the students get to see pre-dissected specimens if they are on a life science unit. If they are looking at chemical or physical science you might find them using graduated cylinders, spring scales, or making astrolabes.

This is just a glimpse of the wonders of Westminster Grammar School science! Science is a way of learning to explore the material world around us. Knowing the Creator makes the discovery even more amazing.