Physical Education

We believe it is biblical to see the student as a whole person, not a mind and a body separately. We, therefore, think it is proper to exercise the entire person in our classical Christian model of education, as a lesson is not learned until it becomes part of our physical lives.  The disciplines of mind and body together will best train the student.  To that end, we offer physical training as part and parcel of our overall approach to education.

In the classical concept of Physical Education, the body is being disciplined to be “upright,” which embodies the concepts of strength, coordination, and courage. Therefore, our Physical Education program includes the principles that character training goes hand in hand with physical training and that games and activities provide opportunity for exercise, disciplining the body, learning fair play, learning how to win and lose well, and how to think of our bodies, skills and abilities as ways to bring glory and honor to God as we engage them as God intended.

Our Aspirations for Students

  • The student would respect God’s design of the human body and desire to steward his/her own body faithfully
  • The student would respect and honor other image-bearers
  • The student would acquire an integrated perspective of physical, emotional, and spiritual life
  • The student would exhibit self-control and discipline of his/her body and in interactions with others
  • The student would master basic physical skills and habits of character to support a life of worship and service