Upper School at Westminster Academy

We emphasize a Socratic approach to education that requires students to consistently go beyond memorization and to enter into significant exploration of a text or concept through dialogue and discussion. Because of this interactive aspect of the classroom, Upper School is limited to 18 students per class.


Building on the foundational skills and knowledge of LS, students can now transition to a deeper study of individual subjects. The formal study of logic in these years is essential as they begin to analyze the truthfulness of information presented, form their own opinions and beliefs systems, and learn how to argue and debate logically. These years lay a further foundation for an integrated worldview as Bible classes explore the essential doctrines of our faith and as students begin to see connections between the different disciplines. Students in math, literature, history, and even PE are learning to think critically about the world around them. Learning to read analytically and to order their thoughts logically for speaking and writing prepares them for the rhetoric stage of learning.

Middle school years are critical transitional years. The physical, emotional, social, and spiritual changes can be challenging to navigate. Our teachers and coaches come alongside students to support and encourage them. We intentionally work on skills and habits that will enable them to become independent and responsible students, able to plan, organize, and manage their schedules and activities.

9TH – 12TH

The final years of a classical education prepare students to respond to the world around them winsomely and wisely. Having honed their critical thinking skills in the middle grades, students now focus on synthesizing all that they have learned in the studies of philosophy and theology.

Rhetoric and Senior Capstone are the apex of a Westminster education. In Rhetoric, students are required to develop, deliver and defend one or two thesis papers before peers, faculty, and parents each year. In the Senior Capstone course, the class examines the great thoughts of Western culture through a dialogue-intensive structure.