Graduation Requirements

In December 2014, the Westminster Academy Board of Directors voted to convert our course-based graduation requirements (that spanned 7th-12th grade) to a credit-based protocol (contained entirely in the 9th-12th grades). This provides the opportunity for several improvements to the curriculum and its administration.

Features of our new credit-based system:

  • Greater emphasis on the requirement that graduates demonstrate fluency in a classical language
  • Introduction of a modern foreign language in the middle school
  • Reflection of the centrality of the humanities (literature, history, theology, and rhetoric) as an integrated core
  • Ability to accept highly qualified transfer students through the 11th grade
  • Ability to assist struggling students
  • Compliance with ACCS requirements for a Category II accreditation status
  • Ability to offer a broader range of academically-oriented electives
  • Potential for a less congested daily schedule, particularly in the 11th and 12th grades

Graduation Requirements*

English 4 credits
History 4 credits
Math 3 credits (including Algebra II)
Science 3 credits (including Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
Foreign Language 3 credits (including 2 credits of Latin)
Theology 1 credit
Rhetoric 1 credit (including Senior Thesis)
Fine Arts 1 credit
Athletics 1.5 credits (including 1 credit of Wellness)
Electives 2 credits (including .5 credit of personal finance)
Total Minimum Required 23.5 credits

*Please note – the class of 2021 will be the first class to complete the transition to the new scope and sequence of the WA Upper School. The classes of 2016-2020 will be communicated with individually as we determine the transition.

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