Grammar School

JK & Kindergarten 

At Westminster, the JK and Kindergarten programs are half days with an option for the Westminster Extended Enrichment Program (WEE), which lasts through the end of the school day at 3 p.m.

Mornings are full of fine arts, Scripture, language arts, and math. Your little one will learn manuscript writing and refine their fine and gross motor skills. They also have the opportunity to engage in art, music, dramatic play, messy play, and sensory exploration. Once a week, older students visit to read aloud with their grammar school buddies.

1st-6th Grade

Throughout 1st-6th grade, an emphasis is place on our students’ language development. In the Grammar Stage, young children become conscious of the world around them. They mimic, mime, and repeat what they hear, so we create opportunities for students to learn about literature, music, science, and art. Students also participate in P.E. classes twice weekly.

In Grammar School, we approach history chronologically, as a story, and integrate the fine arts into every subject, which enhances a love of learning in our Grammar School students.

What to Expect

Interested in learning more about what your child will learn throughout their years at Westminster? Click on an option below to download a PDF of what to expect from each grade.

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