Athletic Teams

Athletics at Westminster

The athletics program offers opportunity for student participants and student spectators to cultivate attributes of virtue.  With team sports, students are encouraged to learn the values of cooperation, sacrifice, dependence on others and appreciation for others.  The hard work of practice and self-discipline “for the team/school,” is a concept to be learned within the ultimate context of glorifying God. The team member learns to support the team on the playing floor or from the bench; there is no “entitlement” to playing time.  Learning how to both win and lose graciously requires courage, humility, self-discipline, dealing with disappointment, and compassion for others.  Perseverance in training a skill has applications far beyond athletics.

Since our Lord thought it important enough to make physical beings in a physical world, our ability to run, jump, dance, play, et c. is a joy to ourselves and to Him, hence they are inherently valuable and require no further reason for being.  These are all to be manifestations of lessons our students are taught to treat one another with the respect due the Imago Dei, to love neighbor as ourselves, to learn to cooperate with others on a team, to attempt to better our own accomplishments for God’s glory, and to exercise the entire person that the Lord has made us.  Physical action is the outward manifestation of an inward belief, idea, notion, approach, kindness…and this manifestation, like the Incarnation, is essential to the completion of the will of God for His people.  The connection between these things shows a certain integrity of soul.  Habits can be formed that are healthy or unhealthy, and good physical education, connected to an education of the entire person, can lead to good habits that will benefit a student for a lifetime.

Go Defenders! – Our Team

By God’s grace we are equipping followers of Christ to defend their faith in God. Scripture teaches us that we are in a spiritual battle and are fighting a real enemy. We are “defenders” of the faith.

Purple and Gold – Our Colors

Purple is the color of royalty and we are indeed robed in the righteousness of Christ as his redeemed children. Gold depicts the end result of God’s sanctifying work in us as we are made pure in Christ.

Westminster Academy athletics and sports 2014-2015 sports facts

Westminster Academy’s athletics have grown exponentially over the past few years.

Fall Sports:

  • Cross Country: Boys and Girls, 3rd-6th, 7th & 8th, JV & Varsity

  • Volleyball: Girls, 5th & 6th, 7th & 8th, JV &Varsity

  • Football Co-op, 5th-8th

Winter Sports:

  • Basketball: Boys and Girls, 5th & 6th, 7th & 8th, JV & Varsity

  • Swimming: Boys and Girls, 6th-8th, Varsity

Spring Sports:

  • Soccer: Boys, 6th-8th, Varsity

  • Track: Boys and Girls, 6th-8th, Varsity