November 9th at 7 p.m.


The Westminster Academy sanctuary at 2500 Ridgeway Road Memphis, TN 38111

About AXIS: The Culture Translator

Being aware of the pulse of culture allows us to bridge the gap between generations by translating pop culture into the ideas it espouses for younger generations, while explaining and interpreting youth culture in ways that older generations understand. By speaking the languages of both generations, AXIS brings common ground and opens the way for understanding.

Visit axis.org to learn more.

About the Event

This one-hour presentation helps parents understand the world their students inhabit, while equipping them with the resources and knowledge needed to start meaningful conversations with their students about faith, technology, media, and culture. It explores the effects of technology on our faith and relationships. Students are encouraged to ponder tough questions surrounding their social media habits: “Is social media making me more or less human?” “Is the virtual me the real me?” and “How is social media impacting my relationships?

This will be followed by a time of Q&A and is open to the community, so please invite your friends and pastors. Our goal is to help Christian families better engage, encourage, and disciple their children.

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