Education is your best investment

“For assessing Westminster’s success in my life, it’s not what I’ve learned or who I’ve become, but who I am becoming, and for better or for worse, you can’t put a price tag on that.”

Will Frazier

Class of 2004

Students at Westminster

Students who have graduated

Average Class Size

Class of 2017 average ACT score

Our Alumni

  • College Acceptance 100%
  • Westminster graduates currently in or graduated from college 88%
  • Students scoring 3 or above on AP exams 76%

What's included in tuition?


Grammar School

Field trips, including 6th grade retreat, Literature Books, Workbooks & Assignment Notebooks, History cards & Flash cards, A Bible

Upper School

Protocol Ball,  8th Grade Trip to D.C., 10-day Senior Capstone Trip to Italy, Art Supplies

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