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Westminster Academy alumni Josh Moon chosen at University of Texas for National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

Westminster alumni, Josh Moon (class of 2010) has been named as one of only 8 graduate students at the University of Texas at Austin to participate in a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. See the article here.




Westminster Academy Class of 2009 Alumni Lexie Shaunak receives promotion

Alumni Lexie Shaunak (class of 2009) has been promoted to Account Manager at S2N Design.






Graham Throckmorton, Westminster Academy alumni, class of 2012 receives air force internship

Graham Throckmorton, class of 2012 has been chosen to participate in the Dr. Daniel Repperger Research Intern Program at the Air Force Research Laboratory, this summer. Graham will be involved in a 10 week internship that provides research opportunities for students to work under the mentorship of an Air Force scientist at either the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH or Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX. He will also learn the inner workings of an operational laboratory. Graham is a senior at Baylor University in the engineering department. This department is divided into 3 sections electrical, mechanical, and other. Graham is in the “other” section and is number one in his class.



Non scholae sed vitae discimus…We learn not for school, but for life.


Jay Brownlow, Director of Alumni Relations

There have been many moments in my life after Westminster that have shown me what an asset this school has been. In college, I realized that writing essays and giving speeches had become second nature to me. I had been given the challenge at Westminster to use logic and rhetoric to fully develop thoughts and arguments. When I was given assignments in college, I was already able to move on to other challenges, such as using that rhetoric in a more concise way and in a way that spoke to a much broader audience. And it was not only restricted to assignments. Westminster gave me a great number of “Foundation Years:” years which helped me develop a deep and reliable foundation in my beliefs, a foundation that was poured into by my fellow students and an amazing, loving faculty; all who shared a common belief in Christ. As I continue to move into new places, I am able to easily, logically, and comfortably stand firm on my foundation – this foundation that was shaped after Christ. Westminster gave me a compass, and the teachers, the staff, fellow students, the readings and writings, and everything there help set that compass for True North. I was not given the road map of my life, nor a to-do list for success; I was given the tools to discover God’s plan for my life. And after all those years of honing and perfecting, it will be hard for that compass to be changed. And now, I am blessed to work along that same faculty and with those same students, and more, to continue to be challenged and honed, and help Westminster continue to challenge and hone her students.

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Alumni Spotlights

Malinda Allen
Class of 2013
Scholarship athlete for the Duke NCAA Division I women’s soccer team
Duke University
Cannon Allen
Class of 2011
Member of the Wheaton men's soccer NCAA Division III National Championship Runner-Up team
Financial Analyst for ConAgra Foods
Chris Watson
Class of 2010
“I have the pleasure of taking celebrities and families around the four amazing theme parks that were started by a man and a mouse. My journey to this position was started and made possible by our powerful God who has led me and continues to lead me on His plan for me. Thanks to Westminster for teaching me the valuable tools of rhetoric and logic to help me in my current career. I’m blessed to be where I am and blessed that God continues to grow in me and help me touch others with His never ending love.”
VIP Tour Guide, Walt Disney World
Will Frazier
Class of 2004
“For assessing Westminster’s success in my life, it’s not what I’ve learned, or who I’ve become, but who I am becoming, and for better or for worse, you can’t put a price tag on that. The dividends Westminster is paying in my life are in a completely different currency than the U.S. dollars my parents forked over to get me there, and the ultimate value is not something received on paper or spoken from the mouths of men, but only in hearing the words from Him who alone is valuable and can give value, ‘Well done my good and faithful servant.’
Vice President, Memphis Research Group
Joel Avila
Class of 2003
"I'd say one of the greatest impacts Westminster has had on my life is the fact that, because of its environment, I know who I am and I have confidence in myself. At Westminster, I was loved, encouraged, and built up for exactly who I am."
Product Manager, CVS Caremark Corporation
Class of 2001
“I now, more than ever, appreciate the way Westminster in general focuses on the call to glorify God in all areas of study and life, whether in “ministry” or not. “God’s work” is not confined to a pastoral job or overseas mission work. We are called to live missionally whether church planter, accountant, or plumber. Westminster emphatically affirms over and over that math is no less God’s domain than theology. Since we often struggle with our own inadequacy for our work here and for living in a very different culture in general, it is key to bear in mind continually that our calling is not to bear fruit out of our own effort, but to abide in the Vine whether we are learning language, sharing truth, or fixing the ever-faulty plumbing in our house. Again. And to God be the glory in all of it!" *specific information is withheld due to the current social and political climate in the mission area.
Discipleship and Church Planting in Asia
Ben  Ferguson
Class of 2000
Radio Talk Show Host, The Ben Ferguson Show

Class of 2009:

  • Lindsay Payne – Interior Design Intern, Gresham Smith and Partners
  • Andrew Baur – Design Engineer, A. Stucki Company

Class of 2008:

  • Will Correll – CEO and Founder, Buskey Cider
  • Sam Bouck – Architectural Intern, TVS Design

Class of 2007:

  • Carter Hall – Registered Associate, Nachman, Norwood, & Parrott Wealth Management Consultancy
  • Ashley Shaunak Sullivan – 4th year, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Class of 2006:

  • Gentry Martin – Associate, SouthernSun Asset Management
  • Abigail Smith – M.D., Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Class of 2005:

  • Mary Halford Davis – RN, Methodist University Hospital
  • Nicholas Barnhart – Product Manager, Barnhart Crane

Class of 2004:

  • Jamie Nabors Schoen – Assistant US Attorney, District of South Carolina

Class of 2003:

  • Andrea Stewart Pitman – Associate Benefits Analyst, Autozone

Class of 2002:

  • Evan Sparks – Editorial Director, American Bankers Association
  • Holley Halford Peters – “Even If I Have To Walk There,” author

Class of 2001:

  • Andrew Russell – Worship Leader, Grace Bible Church

 Class of 2000:

  • Joshua Alley – Global Sourcing Associate, International Paper