Our History

Our History

Westminster Academy, the first (and only) full-time classical school in Memphis, was begun in 1996. Inspired by the 1947 article, “The Lost Tools of Learning,” six Memphis couples from five different churches founded the school with a student body of forty-one students.

History of Westminster Academy

After a student attend Westminster Academy, the graduate wrote a book detailing her experiences and the history of how Westminster Academy came into existence.

The story of our founding and early years is told by one of the first students, Holley Halford Peters, in her book Even If I Have To Walk There. The book details the first administration, teachers, and the decisions made by the founders to build a school which would teach students to “love those things that are worth loving.”

Westminster Academy is Accredited by the Association of Classical Christian Schools

Westminster Academy is an accredited school with the Association of Classical Christian Schools

Westminster Academy met the rigorous standards for accreditation by The Association of Classical & Christian Schools in 2002 and is currently a member of the Association of Christian Schools International.  As the school prepares to enter its third decade, we continue to clarify our vision and refine our practices to conform more fully to those principles.


Timeline with history of Westminster Academy in Memphis, enrollment statistics from 2015-16 school year

Westminster was originally founded in 1996 and has since grown in the past 21 years. It remains the only Classical Christian school in Memphis.