Founding Principles

Founding Principles

Westminster Academy’s foremost conviction is that parents are responsible for the education of their children; therefore, parents are welcome and encouraged to participate in the daily life of the school. This understanding goes beyond the concept of volunteering. We have an open door policy; parents are welcome to sit in on any class, at any time, for any reason.

Our Mission

Westminster Academy offers parents a tool for teaching their children to reason, discern, and apply Truth by way of Scripture and the classical liberal arts.

Our Definition of Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian education is the cultivation of virtue and wisdom by nourishing the soul on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty according to God’s Revelation using the classical liberal arts. Its purpose is to train the soul to love that which is worth loving.

Our Vision

Westminster Academy exists to fulfill its mission and to train, equip, and support others who share this same vision to start classical Christian schools.

Our Purpose

Westminster Academy’s purpose is to glorify God.

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