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ACT Prep: Rescheduled 

Westminster Academy students have the highest combined ACT scores of any co-ed school in the Memphis area. Part of that success is due to the ACT prep training of Westminster Academy teachers. This team of experts (math, science, and English) has mined the ACT for its secrets, patterns, and tricks; they are ready to help students discover the best strategies for tackling the test. On the last day of camp, students will take a full practice test and will receive it back graded with individualized materials for further study.

  • June 1-5, 9:00-12:00 July 13-17, 1:00-4:00
  • Rising 9th and up
  • $225

Executive Skills Course: Cancelled

Are you exhausted or frustrated because you don’t know when to quit working on a project? Do you try to please everyone and succeed at everything? Do you spend most of your time organizing and preparing? Do you forget assignments, lose papers, or miss instructions? Are your parents and teachers constantly asking you questions about your responsibilities, reminding you, or preparing everything for you? Do you feel frustrated, stressed, or out of control?

Wherever you are on the spectrum of life, you need executive function skills.

Executive function skills are the cognitive processes children should develop to self-regulate and become independent learners. Many students need coaching and training to build self-confidence and self-worth as they learn to multi-task, focus, sequence and organize, problem solve, increase processing speed, manage time, etc. MAZResources offers training in executive skills in a fun and active environment. Students will leave each session with concrete skills and resources to begin practicing the day’s topic. Each topic will incorporate listening skills and self-awareness, to meet the ultimate goal of self-reliance in learning.

The schedule:

  • Monday: Time Management: Today’s fun activities teach students how to predict length of time a task will take and create visuals for useful schedules and practical routines.
  • Tuesday: Focus: Today’s fun activities teach students how to sustain attention to lengthy or challenging tasks.
  • Wednesday: Working Memory: Today’s fun activities teach students how to process, store, and manage information through Focus Shifting.
  • Thursday: Flexible Thinking: Today’s fun activities teach students how to choose and use strategies for problem solving.
  • Friday: Project Management: Today’s fun activities teach students tools to initiate tasks and complete non-preferred tasks.