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Full Strength

Thank you for helping us reach our Full Strength!

Athletics At Westminster



Westminster Academy seeks to train students to be good stewards of the bodies that house their eternal souls.  Cultivating this attitude of personal physical responsibility is a long-term endeavor that begins with our Junior Kindergarten students and continues all the way through senior year. To that end, the WA athletic department strives to provide adequate, appropriate, and attractive equipment and facilities. In order to do this better, we built a wish list that includes the four projects listed here. Thanks to the generosity of the entire Westminster community, we're doing the work this summer!

Fitness Room:

Much of the space in our current weight and exercise rooms is underused and stocked with outdated equipment. A renovation of this area would create an attractive and functional space where our students and faculty and staff can grow stronger together.

Portable Motor Lab:

This new addition to our curriculum will greatly enhance our capability to help students who are lagging behind in reading, math, fine motor, or executive functioning – giving them a fun, interactive, and safe environment to master classroom skills.

Locker Room Facelift:

The Boys’ and Girls’ locker room facilities are in disrepair, a poor reflection of the beauty we train our children to cherish. A few minor projects can enhance the cleanliness and visual appearance for the benefit of all athletes and PE students.

Recess Equipment and Storage:

Storing recess equipment outside will free up needed inside storage space, grant all teachers instant access to outdoor recess equipment, and allow for the purchase of additional equipment that was previously too bulky to store.



Congratulations to the winners of the $500 Oak Hall gift card and the $150 Folk's Folly gift cards! Enjoy!