Experience for a Lifetime, Passion for Life

At Westminster, we have a 20-year history of teaching children more than simply facts and figures; our aim is to develop an appetite for lifelong learning. See what our Christian-focused approach and time-honored classical curriculum can mean for your child.

Who We Are

For over 20 years, we have cultivated an environment of curiosity that inspires students to explore the world with their hearts and minds. More than simply teaching facts and figures, our teachers empower students to realize their infinite potential.


Our Classical Christian Education nurtures virtue and wisdom by nourishing the soul on Truth, Goodness and Beauty according to God’s Revelation using the classical liberal arts. What our students learn is rooted in their faith and embodied in their daily lives.


We strive to enroll students from families who share our philosophy that education must instill students with confidence, character, and integrity as well as knowledge. We believe children flourish through discovery of their God-given love of learning.

Student Life

The value of education goes beyond the classroom. We encourage our students to use the skills learned in their classes and bring them to life in meaningful ways, whether through sports, clubs, community involvement or other extra-curricular activities.


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