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Graduation Requirements

The student must receive Westminster Academy credit by demonstrating proficiency (see Promotion policy) in all of the following subjects:

English 4 credits

Math 4 credits (including Algebra I)

History 4 credits

Science 3 credits (including Biology, Anatomy and Wellness, Chemistry, or Physics)

Foreign Language (Latin) 2 credits

Theology 2 credits

Fine Arts 1 credit

Rhetoric 1 credit (including Senior Thesis)

Athletics 1.5 credits

Electives 2 credits

Total Minimum Required: 24.5 credits

  • Logic and Algebra I (if taken in 8th grade) is credited toward graduation credit without the GPA. No other courses completed in 7th and 8th grade contribute to graduation credits or GPA
  • Regardless of the number of credits accumulated, students must maintain a full course load of at least five graded courses in any given year
  • It is strongly recommended that students complete four years of cumulative coursework in English, History, Math, and Science, regardless of credits earned toward graduation
  • Seniors who have completed credit requirements in math and science must elect to take at least one course of either advanced math or advanced science in their senior year
  • Preference in academic awards (valedictorian/salutatorian, etc.) will be given to students who maintain the most full academic schedule and who opt for the most challenging course sequence available (e.g., Calculus v. Statistics, Physics v. Anatomy)
  • Students may not elect out of Rhetoric courses in sequence
  • 11th and 12th grade American History have a heavy emphasis on our American system of government and economics
  • Students may gain 0.25 credit in Athletics for each season of interscholastic competition, or the equivalent. 10th-12th grade Protocol ballroom dance lessons count for 0.5 credit in Athletics. All students take the full credit Anatomy and Wellness course.
  • Course credits that deviate from the above list must be approved by the Headmaster. 
  • The student must have maintained an overall grade point average of at least 2.67