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Job Openings

Westminster seeks out gifted individuals who have a passion for God, for teaching, for children, for their subject, and for the classical Christian method. Because of the particular requirements of our model of education, every member of our faculty is involved in continuous training. To learn more about our school and our beliefs, please visit

Staff Positions

Position: Athletic Director 

Westminster Academy seeks an experienced leader to become our Athletic Director (AD), beginning as soon as May 2023 in preparation for the 2023-24 school year.  As an administrative position, the AD reports to the Headmaster and is a member of the school’s senior administrative team.  The AD is responsible for the supervision of daily operations and coordination of all interscholastic sports programs, all PE and summer athletics programs, and achieving strategic goals set by the Board and Headmaster. 

The AD will ensure that both coaches and students are trained in InsideOut Coaching methodologies (as articulated in Joe Erhmann’s book InSideOut Coaching: How Sports Can Transform Lives), sportsmanship, teambuilding, and respect for authority.  The ideal candidate will possess an understanding of and desire to grow in the philosophy and methods of classical Christian education.  The AD must recognize that the virtues taught in the classroom are to be lived out in the gym, on the courts, and on the fields of play.  He/she will be passionate about Westminster’s mission and vision and raising young men and women into Christian maturity.

Westminster Academy is committed to teaching all truth as God’s truth through the lens of Scripture and a Christian worldview.  Applicants should be a member in good standing of an evangelical church, demonstrate a faithful walk with Christ, demonstrate an understanding of and commitment to the historic reformed doctrines of the Christian faith (See Statement of Faith), and possess a deep desire to disciple and shepherd students, nourishing their souls in truth, goodness, and beauty.  His/her skillset should include success as a coach, excellent interpersonal communication, organizational and management skills, a commitment to teamwork and collaboration, and an ability to be visionary and proactive in problem-solving and in communicating with parents.

For further information about Westminster Academy, please visit our website: Inquiries along with resumes should be addressed to Kathryn Walker via e-mail:


Position: Aftercare Assistant

Westminster Academy is seeking a part time aftercare assistant to work with and for the Director of Aftercare. The Aftercare Assistant hours are from 2:30 – 6 pm five days a week and the position is ready to fill immediately. Responsibilities include engaging with students, ensuring the safety, security and welfare of students in aftercare, facilitating snack time and free play, maintaining the cleanliness and organization of any equipment and space utilized by aftercare, and promptly responding to emergencies. Preferred applicants should have an interest in education, a love for children, a passion to bring Christ into the aftercare experience, and a desire to learn more about classical Christian education. Westminster Academy is committed to teaching all truth as God’s truth through the lens of Scripture from a historic Reformed theological perspective. All applicants should carefully review our website, Interested candidates should send cover letters and resumes to Mrs. Kathryn Walker at 



“I love teaching at Westminster because my coworkers love the Lord…I can talk to them about what we have in common, which is trying to motivate children to love and to seek after the Lord’s face.” - Mary Hollidge, Faculty member

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