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Grammar School

Grammar School at Westminster Academy includes all grades from Junior Kindergarten through 6th Grade. During these formative years of your students’ lives, our teachers work hard to provide the foundations of learning so they’ll be successful in Upper School.


JK & Kindergarten 

At Westminster, the JK and Kindergarten programs are half days with an option for the Westminster Extended Enrichment Program (WEE), which lasts through the end of the school day at 3 p.m. 

Your little ones will be taught reading readiness skills and many will move right into reading. They will refine their fine motor skills as they practice coloring, drawing, cutting, and writing. Gross motor skills will develop through guided and free play, PE, and classroom activities. They will have opportunities throughout the week to engage in art, music, science, and sensory exploration. Each day includes lots of reading aloud and once a week, older students visit to read aloud with their Grammar School buddies. 

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1st-6th Grade

Throughout 1st-6th grade, the emphasis is placed on our students’ language development. In the Grammar Stage, children are busy discovering the world around them through language – naming things (vocabulary) and building categories. This is the basis for thinking, connecting, and verbalizing what they learn. They love to memorize, imitate, and repeat what they hear. We create these learning opportunities through classic literature, Bible, history, music, science, and art. By approaching history chronologically and using it as a framework, we are able to integrate Scripture and Biblical history along with fine arts into every subject. While this is a great model for teaching a Biblical worldview, it also enhances a love of learning in our students as they get a sense of God as creator and author of history. PE and recess provide healthy movement for their bodies and important breaks for their minds. 

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Grammar School Faculty & Staff

  Name Title
Ashley Anthony Anthony, Ashley First Grade Teacher
Debbie Barclay Barclay, Debbie Kindergarten Teacher
Marti Bolton Bolton, Marti Fourth Grade Teacher
Cathy Boyd Boyd, Cathy Reading Specialist
Stephanie Chester Chester, Stephanie Physical Education Teacher, Girls Varsity Cross Country Coach, Varsity Track Coach
Elaine Clowers Clowers, Elaine Music Teacher
Jennifer Crotts Crotts, Jennifer First Grade Aide
Patricia Culp Culp, Patricia Fourth Grade Teacher
Ashleigh Dacus Dacus, Ashleigh Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Julie Davis Davis, Julie Third Grade Teacher
Georgianne Daws Daws, Georgianne Third Grade Teacher
Kristin Dickerson Dickerson, Kristin Fourth Grade and Science Aide
Deborah Frazier Frazier, Deborah Head of Grammar School
Anne Garrett Garrett, Anne Second Grade Teacher
Kristen Gibson Gibson, Kristen Sixth Grade Teacher
Tina Hale Hale, Tina Junior Kindergarten Aide
Vicki Halford Halford, Vicki Librarian
Meredith Hawkins Hawkins, Meredith 6th Grade Teacher
Dean Helton Helton, Dean Assistant Head of Athletics, Physical Education Teacher, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Sissy Hickman Hickman, Sissy Fifth Grade Teacher
Lisa Hilliard Hilliard, Lisa First Grade Teacher
Mary Hollidge Hollidge, Mary Director of Aftercare and Enrichments and Latin Faculty
Dollie Jones Jones, Dollie Kindergarten Teacher
Rebecca Jones Jones, Rebecca Second Grade Aide
Janet Jorgensen Jorgensen, Janet Kindergarten Aide WEE Coordinator
Julie Liddy Liddy, Julie Kindergarten Aide
Jessica McDaniel McDaniel, Jessica Second Grade Teacher
Emily Newman Newman, Emily Academic Dean Grammar School
Lindsey Ozier Ozier, Lindsey Art Teacher
Elizabeth Peckham Peckham, Elizabeth Fifth Grade Teacher
Stephanie Phillips Phillips, Stephanie Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Michael Price Price, Michael Science Teacher
Karen Rainer Rainer, Karen Second Grade Aide
Carrie Ray Ray, Carrie Fifth/Sixth Grade Aide
Kenneth Read Read, Kenneth Sixth Grade Teacher
Tirzah Rhodes Rhodes, Tirzah Art Faculty
Ginger Smith Smith, Ginger Music Teacher
Dana Stout Stout, Dana Third Grade Aide
Hannah Vigus Vigus, Hannah Junior Kindergarten and WEE Aide
Terri White White, Terri Assistant to the Head of Grammar School

What To Expect....

What can you expect throughout your child's years at Westminster? Click on an option below to download a PDF of what to expect from each grade.