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School Trips

8th Grade Trip

As a culmination of previous studies, our 8th grade students take a trip to America’s capital, Washington D.C. During their time in D.C., our students are able to further their study of the inner-workings of American government that started in 7th grade. The trip will be organized through Worldstrides, the nation’s premier educational travel organization dedicated to providing safe and fun learning programs specifically designed for Christian schools.

How much does the trip cost?

NOTHING! All costs are included in tuition.

Round-trip Travel
Transportation while in D.C.
Hotel Accommodations
Entrance Fees
All Meals


Capstone Trip

On the Capstone Trip seniors have the opportunity to take their education beyond the classroom. During this 10 day trip to Italy, students visit Rome, Orvieto, Assisi, Siena, and Florence to learn about 2000 years of history, and Christianity’s impact upon it, while standing in the places where it was made. By immersing our students into a culture that is not their own, we hope to cultivate the love of learning that Westminster strives to teach. This trip also gives our students the chance to make concrete connections with all that they’ve learned throughout their time in school. By bringing students to the places where history was made, we hope our students recognize the power and sovereignty of our God across the world.

Since we believe that this trip is an important part of the Westminster Experience the cost of the trip will be covered in tuition.

This includes:

Round-trip airfare
Hotel accommodations
Entrance Fees
3/4’s of dinners

Capstone Itinerary