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The House System

The House System


Starting in 7th grade, the Upper School students at Westminster Academy are placed into one of four houses that they remain in until graduation. Each house has students from each Upper School grade, along with a 12th grade House Captain and a faculty representative. The houses—Athanasius, Becket, Boniface and Columba- were named after men who had a great impact and sacrificed their lives for the growth of the early church.

Houses are designed to separate students and faculty into smaller communities and to foster a better school culture by creating accountability, ownership, and leadership among students and faculty. Each house meets weekly to work on house activities. In addition to organizing intra-house events, such as games and projects, the houses collaborate to participate in inter-house events and competitions including upper school field days and various challenges.

The school year ends with a closing ceremony followed by a feast where the house cup is awarded to the house that has accumulated the most points over the course of the year.