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Upper School

As students enter early high school, their view turns away from themselves and to the wider world. Students are taught to engage with the world through speech, writing, and service. They are taught to apply a socratic and biblical world-view to decisions of the past, problems of the present, and opportunities of the future. Our education prepares students for a lifetime of learning and engaging culture as mature, confident Christians. 

Why don’t we offer AP courses?

AP courses are designed to accomplish two things for high school students:

  1. Offer challenging, specialized content that adheres to national standardization 
  2. Give high school students a chance to earn college credit after taking a high school course. 

We have intentionally decided not to offer AP courses because AP’s pre-set curriculum is not always consistent with our educational philosophy. However, our students are allowed to take AP exams, even if they have not completed the specific course. Our students normally choose to take some AP tests in their senior year, earning potential college credit or the ability to skip basic college level classes. In 2017, 20 Westminster students took exams in 4 subjects. 72% of Westminster students scored a 3 or higher and 52% posted scores of 4 or higher. One of the 20 students taking AP tests in 2017 was recognized as an AP Scholar

Do we offer college guidance?

Westminster Academy has always believed the responsibility for choosing and applying to college belongs to the student. For this reason, the Director of College Guidance serves more as a pathway to information and meet with all seniors and juniors to create application files.

Westminster graduates have applied and been admitted to prestigious universities throughout the United States and abroad.  Through the past five years over 20% of Westminster Seniors have received recognition by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as National Merit Finalists or Commended Scholars.

The House System Protocol Graduation Requirements

Upper School Faculty & Staff

  Name Title
Jocelyn Collins Collins, Jocelyn Art and Capstone Faculty
Conner Davis Davis, Conner Latin and History Faculty
Jonathan Davis Davis, Jonathan Bible and Logic Faculty
Kyle Dillon Dillon, Kyle Theology, French, and Capstone Faculty
Jannica Gregory Gregory, Jannica English Faculty
Dean Helton Helton, Dean Assistant Head of Athletics, Physical Education Teacher, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach
Linda Janikowsky Janikowsky, Linda Academic Coach
Maylon Jones Jones, Maylon Math Faculty
Gregory Kinney Kinney, Gregory History Faculty
Christopher Marino Marino, Christopher Science Faculty
Victoria Morel Morel, Victoria History Faculty
Emily O'Dell O'Dell, Emily English Faculty
Susan Quiroz Quiroz, Susan Math Faculty
Mary Read Read, Mary Science Faculty
Robin Reed Reed, Robin Assistant to Head of Upper School
Tirzah Rhodes Rhodes, Tirzah Art Faculty
Elissa Roberts Roberts, Elissa Science Faculty
Ginger Smith Smith, Ginger Music Teacher
Nate Smith Smith, Nate Theology and Rhetoric Faculty
Dee Stubblefield Stubblefield, Dee English Faculty
Anne Walker Walker, Anne Director of Student Life and Math Faculty
Adam Woods Woods, Adam Head of Upper School