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Upper School

As students enter the Upper School they enter the “Dialectic” and “Rhetoric” stages of the Trivium. Emphasis is placed upon the development of critical thinking skills as students are taught to engage with the world through speech, writing, and service. In addition to honors level Math and Science classes, our Humanities program focuses on an intensive study of the great writings, people, events, works, and ideas that have formed and reformed civilization as we know it. These disciplines are tightly integrated and classic works are studied within their historical settings and from a traditional biblical perspective, which helps the students understand how these works and the people who wrote them were influenced by those historical settings. These courses also reveal the universal nature of the great works, which are classics precisely because they speak to all men and women through all ages. Theology, history, literature, and rhetoric courses have extensive reading, writing, discussion, and public speaking requirements.

7th – 9th Grade

As students mature and approach the middle school years (i.e., the “Dialectic” stage of the Trivium), they want to dissect ideas, analyze arguments, seek justice, and discover the reason behind everything. Debate and logic become important tools, so what better way to channel this natural development than through formal logic and debate classes? Teachers engage students in discussion and debate, teaching students to make logical arguments and helping them tell the difference between a logical and emotional response.

10th – 12th Grade

As students leave the Dialectic stage and approach the high school years (i.e. “Rhetoric” stage of the Trivium), they begin to wonder about the wider world. Students in the Rhetoric stage are taught to engage with the world through speeches, writing, and service. An emphasis is placed on teaching a biblical worldview and preparing them for higher education. Theology is taught in every classroom, but theology courses are specially applied in the Upper School along with a 10-day Capstone Trip to Italy during our students’ senior year.

Honors Curriculum Designed To Equip Graduates

Our desire is for our graduates to be prepared for wherever the Lord leads them. Our curriculum is intentionally designed in a cohort-style, honors-level sequence. While we do not offer "AP Course", our students typically fare well on the AP exams.  In 2017, 20 Westminster students took exams in 4 subjects. 72% of Westminster students scored a 3 or higher and 52% posted scores of 4 or higher. One of the 20 students taking AP tests in 2017 was recognized as an AP Scholar. Our average ACT is a 30 and we have a 100% college placement rate. Westminster graduates have applied and been admitted to prestigious universities throughout the United States and abroad.  Through the past five years over 20% of Westminster Seniors have received recognition by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation as National Merit Finalists or Commended Scholars. In other words, our students are prepared for life and ready for God's call. 

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Upper School Faculty & Staff

  Name Title
Darren Adams Adams, Darren Math Faculty
Allaina Armstrong Armstrong, Allaina Science Faculty
John Eric Brown Brown, John Eric English Faculty
Amy Callis Callis, Amy Physical Education Faculty and Coach
Jonathan Callis Callis, Jonathan Head of Upper School
Noah Collins Collins, Noah Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach and Physical Education Faculty
Conner Davis Davis, Conner Latin Faculty
Jonathan Davis Davis, Jonathan Bible and Logic Faculty
Kyle Dillon Dillon, Kyle Theology and Capstone Faculty
Jonathan Fortune Fortune, Jonathan History Faculty
Jannica Gregory Gregory, Jannica English Faculty
Nancy Herring Herring, Nancy CLC Middle School Aide
Mary Hollidge Hollidge, Mary Latin Faculty
Paul Husband Husband, Paul Theology Faculty
Gregory Kinney Kinney, Gregory History Faculty
Christopher Marino Marino, Christopher Science Faculty
Emily O'Dell O'Dell, Emily Director of Student Life
Mary Read Read, Mary Director of College Guidance and Science Faculty
Robin Reed Reed, Robin Assistant to Head of Upper School
Tirzah Rhodes Rhodes, Tirzah Art Faculty
Elissa Roberts Roberts, Elissa Science Faculty and Academic Support
Ginger Smith Smith, Ginger Music Teacher
Nate Smith Smith, Nate Theology and Rhetoric Faculty
Brownie Spires Spires, Brownie History Faculty
Seth Stevens Stevens, Seth History Faculty
Dee Stubblefield Stubblefield, Dee English Faculty
Kameron Wilson Wilson, Kameron Middle School Strength & Conditioning Coach and PE Faculty