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Kenny Shackelford Athletic Director
Kenny Shackelford
Athletic Director

With over half of all students competing in at least one interscholastic sport, the athletics department at Westminster is growing. Our first priority when it comes to athletics is hiring the finest instructors. In hiring coaches, we look for men and women who love God, excel at coaching, are knowledgeable in their sport, love kids and understand the role sports play in molding godly character through discipline, teamwork, and fair play. Our athletic department takes the time to invest in each and every athlete with a focus on character building, sportsmanship, and discipleship.

Westminster Academy participates in the Shelby 78, TSSAA, and the PAA leagues.

Go Defenders!

The school mascot at Westminster is the Defender. By God’s grace we are equipping followers of Christ to defend their faith in God. Scripture teaches us that we are in a spiritual battle and are fighting a real enemy, so we are “defenders” of the faith.

Purple & Gold

Purple and gold are Westminster’s school colors. Purple is the color of royalty and we are robed in the righteousness of Christ as his redeemed children. Gold depicts the end result of God’s sanctifying work in us as we are made pure in Christ.

Athletics Department

  Name Title Contact
Darren Adams Adams, Darren Teacher
Ashley Anthony Anthony, Ashley Kindergarten Teacher
WA Athletics Athletics, WA
Matthew Bell Bell, Matthew Latin Teacher
Marti Bolton Bolton, Marti Fourth Grade Teacher 865-523-1192
Cathy Boyd Boyd, Cathy Reading Specialist 901-380-9192
John Brown Brown, John English Faculty
Amy Callis Callis, Amy Physical Education Faculty and Coach
Jonathan Callis Callis, Jonathan Head of Upper School
Joshua Carney Carney, Joshua
Stephanie Chester Chester, Stephanie Physical Education Teacher, Girls Varsity Cross Country Coach, Varsity Track Coach
Mark Clear Clear, Mark Custodian
Elaine Clowers Clowers, Elaine Music Teacher
Jocelyn Collins Collins, Jocelyn Art and Capstone Faculty 901-380-9192
Noah Collins Collins, Noah Physical Education Faculty and Coach
Patricia Culp Culp, Patricia Fourth Grade Teacher 901-380-9192
Ashleigh Dacus Dacus, Ashleigh Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Conner Davis Davis, Conner Latin and History Faculty
Jonathan Davis Davis, Jonathan Bible and Logic Faculty
Julie Davis Davis, Julie Third Grade Teacher
Kristin Dickerson Dickerson, Kristin Fourth Grade and Science Aide
Kyle Dillon Dillon, Kyle Theology and Capstone Faculty
Jenna Elsenbrock Elsenbrock, Jenna Aftercare Assistant
Jonathan Fortune Fortune, Jonathan Upper School History Teacher
Anne Garrett Garrett, Anne Second Grade Teacher 901-380-9192
Mary-Grace Grantham Grantham, Mary-Grace Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Jannica Gregory Gregory, Jannica English Faculty
Tina Hale Hale, Tina Junior Kindergarten Aide
Vicki Halford Halford, Vicki Librarian
Holt Hall Hall, Holt Director of Operations
Meredith Hawkins Hawkins, Meredith 6th Grade Teacher
Nancy Herring Herring, Nancy CLC Middle School Aide
Sissy Hickman Hickman, Sissy Fifth Grade Teacher
Lisa Hilliard Hilliard, Lisa First Grade Teacher
Mary Hollidge Hollidge, Mary Latin Faculty
Lindsey Hughes Hughes, Lindsey Admission & Marketing Administrative Assistant
Janene Hulsey Hulsey, Janene First Grade Aide
Paul Husband Husband, Paul Bible/Theology Teacher
Sarah Hysong Hysong, Sarah Third Grade Teacher
Linda Janikowsky Janikowsky, Linda Academic Coach
Ralph Janikowsky Janikowsky, Ralph Headmaster
Maylon Jones Jones, Maylon Math Faculty 901-380-9192
Rebecca Jones Jones, Rebecca Second Grade Aide 901-380-9192
Gregory Kinney Kinney, Gregory History Faculty
Rawda Kuku Kuku, Rawda Director of Aftercare and Enrichments
Christopher Marino Marino, Christopher Science Faculty
Natalie Martin Martin, Natalie Sixth Grade Teacher
Becca Mathews Mathews, Becca Math Faculty
Jessica McDaniel McDaniel, Jessica Second Grade Teacher
Kristen Miller Miller, Kristen Kindergarten and WEE Teacher
Taylor Moore Moore, Taylor CFO
Julie Nagem Nagem, Julie Director of Marketing
Emily Newman Newman, Emily Head of Grammar School
Emily O'Dell O'Dell, Emily Director of Student Life
Lindsey Ozier Ozier, Lindsey Art Teacher
Mary Rachel Pang Pang, Mary Rachel Director of Development and Alumni Relations
Elizabeth Peckham Peckham, Elizabeth Fifth Grade Teacher 901-380-9192
Elizabeth Perkins Perkins, Elizabeth
Stephanie Phillips Phillips, Stephanie Academic Support Coordinator 901-683-8787
Michael Price Price, Michael Science Teacher
Susan Quiroz Quiroz, Susan First Grade Aide
Karen Rainer Rainer, Karen Second Grade Aide
Carrie Ray Ray, Carrie Fifth/Sixth Grade Aide 901-761-1110
Sharon Ray Ray, Sharon Director of Admission 901-849-8920
Kenneth Read Read, Kenneth Sixth Grade Teacher
Mary Read Read, Mary Director of College Guidance and Science Faculty
Robin Reed Reed, Robin Assistant to Head of Upper School 901-380-9192
Tirzah Rhodes Rhodes, Tirzah Art Faculty
Elissa Roberts Roberts, Elissa Science Faculty
April Samuels Samuels, April Business Office Assistant
Karla Scott Scott, Karla Assistant to the Head of Grammar School
Kenneth Shackelford Shackelford, Kenneth Athletic Director
Melissa Sherrod Sherrod, Melissa Third Grade Aide
Ginger Smith Smith, Ginger Music Teacher 901-380-9192
Laurel Smith Smith, Laurel Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Nate Smith Smith, Nate Theology and Rhetoric Faculty
Brownie Spires Spires, Brownie History Faculty
Dee Stubblefield Stubblefield, Dee English Faculty
Ashley Tenent Tenent, Ashley School Receptionist
Jennifer Thompson Thompson, Jennifer Assistant to Athletics & Admissions 901-380-9192
Amber Turner Turner, Amber Assistant to Director of Development
Debbie Turner Turner, Debbie Purchasing 901-380-9192
Hannah Vigus Vigus, Hannah Kindergarten and WEE Aide
Victoria Wages Wages, Victoria History Faculty
Anne Walker Walker, Anne Math Faculty 901-277-9065
Kathryn Walker Walker, Kathryn Assistant to the Headmaster
Sabrina Warren Warren, Sabrina School Nurse
Shannon Williams Williams, Shannon First Grade Teacher
Bryn Wilson Wilson, Bryn
Kameron Wilson Wilson, Kameron PE Coach
Jenny Young Young, Jenny Junior Kindergarten Aide

Athletic Teams


3rd-5th • 6th-8th • JV • Varsity
6th-8th • JV • Varsity
5th-12th boys co-op
6th-8th • 9th-12th
Girls Soccer
6th-8th • JV • Varsity


5th-6th • 7th-8th • JV • Varsity

5th-8th • Varsity


Grammar School Basketball
Grammar School Swimming
Boys Soccer
6th-8th • Varsity
Track & Field
6th-8th • Varsity