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Our People

Who are our people? Westminster has been blessed with some of the best and brightest faculty. All teachers have a love for the Lord, their students, their subject, and bring Christ into the classroom with enthusiasm. Our faculty are life-long learners and have over 200 years of combined classical Christian education experience.

With 300 graduates since 2000, our alumni have gone on to attend colleges and universities around the world, including Oxford and Columbia University.

Our Vision for Faculty

We aim to cultivate these same qualities in our faculty and to see them well paid so that they may make a career at Westminster Academy. We desire them to be professional and diligent in their work, gifted in teaching, loving their students, loving their subjects, and most importantly, loving the Lord in front of their students. We desire that they clearly understand classical education, how it is implemented in their classrooms, and how their work fits into the whole of the trivium; that they possess a lifelong hunger to learn and grow; and that they have opportunity to grow in their gifts and skills and to be refreshed and renewed. We desire to see them coach and mentor new staff. We desire faculty to serve as academic coaches to students and to identify, nurture, and develop the intellectual, physical, and spiritual gifts of students. We look to see them continue to mature in Christ, to participate joyfully in Christian community through the local church, and to grow in their knowledge of God and the Scriptures.

Administrative Team

  Name Title
Deborah Frazier Frazier, Deborah Head of Grammar School
Gina Hall Hall, Gina Controller
Holt Hall Hall, Holt Director of Development
Ralph Janikowsky Janikowsky, Ralph Headmaster
Annie Kistenmacher Kistenmacher, Annie Director of Aftercare & Enrichments and Latin and French Faculty
Elizabeth Perkins Perkins, Elizabeth Director of Admission & Marketing
Kenneth Shackelford Shackelford, Kenneth Athletic Director
Adam Woods Woods, Adam Head of Upper School

Support Staff

  Name Title
Cathy Boyd Boyd, Cathy Reading Specialist
John Brownlow Brownlow, John Bookkeeper
Mark Clear Clear, Mark Custodian
Julie Crenshaw Crenshaw, Julie School Secretary
Liz Kinney Kinney, Liz Admission Coordinator
Emily Newman Newman, Emily Academic Dean Grammar School
Robin Reed Reed, Robin Assistant to Head of Upper School
Jennifer Thompson Thompson, Jennifer Assistant to the Athletic Director
Amber Turner Turner, Amber Assistant to Director of Development
Anne Walker Walker, Anne Director of Student Life and Math Faculty
Kathryn Walker Walker, Kathryn Assistant to the Headmaster
Sabrina Warren Warren, Sabrina School Nurse

Grammar School Faculty & Staff

  Name Title
Ashley Anthony Anthony, Ashley Art Teacher
Debbie Barclay Barclay, Debbie Kindergarten Teacher
Marti Bolton Bolton, Marti Fourth Grade Teacher
Teresa Callison Callison, Teresa Third Grade Teacher
Stephanie Chester Chester, Stephanie Physical Education Teacher
Elaine Clowers Clowers, Elaine Music Teacher
Patricia Culp Culp, Patricia Fourth Grade Teacher
Julie Davis Davis, Julie Third Grade Teacher
Sheri Fisher Fisher, Sheri First Grade Teacher
Anne Garrett Garrett, Anne Second Grade Teacher
Kristen Gibson Gibson, Kristen Sixth Grade Teacher
Tina Hale Hale, Tina Junior Kindergarten Aide
Vicki Halford Halford, Vicki Librarian
Dean Helton Helton, Dean Assistant head of Athletics and Physical Education Teacher
Sissy Hickman Hickman, Sissy Fifth Grade Teacher
Christy High High, Christy First Grade Aide
Lisa Hilliard Hilliard, Lisa First Grade Teacher
Mary Hollidge Hollidge, Mary Latin Teacher
Dollie Jones Jones, Dollie Kindergarten Teacher
Rebecca Jones Jones, Rebecca Second Grade Aide
Janet Jorgensen Jorgensen, Janet Kindergarten Aide WEE Coordinator
Julie Liddy Liddy, Julie Kindergarten Aide
Jessica McDaniel McDaniel, Jessica Second Grade Teacher
Mary Rachel Pang Pang, Mary Rachel Fifth and Sixth Grade Aide
Elizabeth Peckham Peckham, Elizabeth Fifth Grade Teacher
Stephanie Phillips Phillips, Stephanie Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Michael Price Price, Michael Science Teacher
Karen Rainer Rainer, Karen Second Grade Aide
Kenneth Read Read, Kenneth Sixth Grade Teacher
Tirzah Rhodes Rhodes, Tirzah Art Faculty
Elise Singleton Singleton, Elise Third Grade Aide
Ginger Statom Statom, Ginger Music Teacher
Debbie Turner Turner, Debbie Purchasing
Terri White White, Terri Assistant to the Head of Grammar School

Upper School Faculty & Staff

  Name Title
Jocelyn Collins Collins, Jocelyn Art and Capstone Faculty
Conner Davis Davis, Conner Latin and History Faculty
Jonathan Davis Davis, Jonathan Bible and Logic Faculty
Kyle Dillon Dillon, Kyle Theology, French, and Capstone Faculty
Sarah Dormois Dormois, Sarah Science Faculty
Jannica Gregory Gregory, Jannica English Faculty
Dean Helton Helton, Dean Assistant head of Athletics and Physical Education Teacher
Linda Janikowsky Janikowsky, Linda Academic Coach and Math Faculty
Maylon Jones Jones, Maylon Math Faculty
Gregory Kinney Kinney, Gregory History Faculty
Christopher Marino Marino, Christopher Science Faculty
Victoria Morel Morel, Victoria History Faculty
Emily O'Dell O'Dell, Emily English Faculty
Deborah Perry Perry, Deborah Alumni Relations and Capstone Faculty
Mary Read Read, Mary Science Faculty
Robin Reed Reed, Robin Assistant to Head of Upper School
Tirzah Rhodes Rhodes, Tirzah Art Faculty
Faith Shaunak Shaunak, Faith History and Rhetoric Faculty
Nate Smith Smith, Nate Theology and Rhetoric Faculty
Ginger Statom Statom, Ginger Music Teacher
Dee Stubblefield Stubblefield, Dee English Faculty
Anne Walker Walker, Anne Director of Student Life and Math Faculty
Adam Woods Woods, Adam Head of Upper School