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The ISEE Test

All applicants to Westminster for grades 2nd-12th grade must take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). 

All 5th-12th grade applicants will take the test on a specified testing day during our regular admission season (usually a Saturday morning in December or January). You will sign up for one of the available test days via your parent portal. Once you sign up, our admission office will register your child to take the test. Please call our Admission office at 901.684.1739 to secure a walk-in space for a test date if you do not meet the registration deadline( three weeks prior to the test day)

After February 1st, we enter rolling admissions. All applicants who miss our early admission window will be signed up to individually take the test online at Westminster on a weekday. 

Questions about the ISEE Test? Click on some of the most commonly asked questions below. If you have further questions, please contact the Admission office.

Approximately three hours for 5th-12th grade applicants, not including time to read testing directions and breaks. Parents should arrive at the school to pick up students no earlier than three hours after the testing time listed on the ISEE Verification Letter. Please be respectful of testing staff and pick up students promptly. 

All 2nd-4th grade applicants will take the test individually at Westminster, their test takes about 1 ½ hours.


Yes, there are two five-minute breaks, one after the second section of the test, and the other after the fourth section of the test.


You should take pencils and pens, as it says on your ISEE Verification Letter. You may also take a small snack to consume only during the breaks. Many schools provide snacks, but they are not required to do so. Do not bring cell phones, beepers, calculators, books, scrap paper, or anything else with you. If a student does not comply, he or she will be excused from the testing and the test will be invalidated.

If your child is sick, you should use your best judgement as ISEE strives for optimal testing conditions. A student may not test more than once in a six-month period. If you need to postpone testing due to illness, please call the ISEE Operations Office at 1-800-446-0320.


You should call the ISEE Operations Office as soon as possible to reschedule testing. There is a $15 fee for change of test site and/or test date. If you wish to cancel the exam, please call the ISEE Operations Office within four weeks of your scheduled test for a refund. All refunds have a $15 processing fee deducted. 


Call the ISEE test site directly, check the school's website, or monitor local television stations to see if they will be holding or rescheduling the test.

With the most testing options of any private school entrance exam, including online, paper-based, and at-home administrations, ISEE is also the most flexible assessment option for select families. Please call our admission office for help with alternate plans to take the ISEE. 

While not a necessary step, Test Innovators provides engaging, interactive preparation tools to help every ISEE registrant fully demonstrate their academic abilities on the test. With multiple program tiers to choose from, including a free trial version, every student can prepare for success with Test Innovators—no matter where they live.  Click here for more information.

Online Test Format: All Levels 

Online tests are available for all levels. Test questions are presented on a testing device and multiple-choice responses are marked on a testing device. The essay portion of the test is typed. Scratch paper and pencils are provided by the test site.

Paper Test Format: Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels

Paper tests are available only for students entering Grades 5 - 12 (Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels). Test questions are presented in a test booklet and multiple-choice responses are bubbled on a separate answer document using a #2 or HB pencil. Blank space in the test booklet may be used as scratch paper. Students handwrite the essay in the space provided on the answer sheet, using a black or blue ballpoint pen. Erasable pens are permitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each fall, we have approximately 30 spots for new junior and senior kindergarten students, as well as 18 spots for new 6th grade students. We will know the available spots on February 1, after current parents have completed re-enrollment. 

We are so very grateful for the Lord’s blessing for Westminster Academy with an increasing enrollment and interest in our school. However, we still want to encourage families who have interest in our school! Please submit an application so your student can be placed in our wait pool. Through the application process, we will be able to get to know you and your family better. Should spots become available, they will be filled from the pool of applicants with completed packets in the Wait Pool. We very much look forward to meeting you and partnering with you on this important journey!

There are currently no waitpools for the '24-'25 school year.

Our admissions committee will consider your application only when all required documents, testing, recommendations, records, and writing samples (as applicable to grade) are received. The first round of acceptances will be communicated on Feb. 15. After Feb. 15, we will communicate as soon as possible after the entire completed packet is received.

We ask that applicants for junior kindergarten turn 4 by June 1 and applicants for kindergarten turn 5 by June 1. We rely much more heavily on the results of our developmental assessment than a chronological date, however, so please contact us if you have questions about your child. 

Yes! Approximately 40% of our students receive some form of tuition assistance. Please apply if your family has need.