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PSALM Classes

At Westminster, our P.E., Science, Art, Latin and Music (PSALM) classes help students to actively engage in learning outside of their daily classroom setting. These classes are integrated to help students make vital connections between subject areas and are taught by teachers dedicated to identifying the natural gifts and skills of all students. However, our teachers are even more interested in cultivating a love of learning that goes outside the classroom.


We believe that character training goes hand in hand with Physical Education. Games and activities provide the opportunity for exercise, disciplining the body, learning good sportsmanship and how to win and lose well. We encourage healthy stewardship of our bodies and our physical abilities as yet another way to honor and bring glory to God. 


In science, hands on learning is essential. While exploring the key concepts in life, physical, and chemical science, the students use kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning activities. Critical thinking is a natural part of our routine since science is fundamentally about learning what the next question should be.


Beginning in Grammar School, students are taught the elements and principles of art. They are taught with the idea that all students can understand and apply these skills regardless of any “innate” ability. Throughout Grammar School, students continue to deepen their understanding of art and the skills associated with creating it.


Your student will learn Latin by speaking, reading, listening, writing, and acting in Latin. In every Latin class, students are doing Latin. Your students are not only engaging in the language, but the people, events, and culture which formed the foundations of Western Civilization.


Music is viewed as a gift from God, one that He created for our enjoyment, as well as a means to praise and honor Him. Our hope is that students will cultivate gratitude, attentiveness, diligence, discernment, perseverance, love, courage, and joy through the gift of music.