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2022-2023 Tuition & Assistance


JK- Kindergarten

Included: Field trips, Literature Books, Workbooks & Assignment Notebooks, History cards, Flash cards, Bible


1st-5th Grade

Included: Field trips, Literature Books, Workbooks & Assignment Notebooks, History cards, Flash cards, Bible


6th-12th Grade

Included: 10 day Senior Capstone Trip to Italy, 8th Grade Trip to D.C., Protocol Ball, 6th grade Retreat, Art Supplies, House Fee

How can we help?

We recognize that Westminster may not be affordable to every family without the help of tuition assistance. Because each family’s situation is different and evaluated on a situational basis, all tuition assistance awards should be kept confidential. Tuition assistance is not available for our WEE or Aftercare programs, or for JK students if they are the family’s only student enrolled in the school. It will be awarded based on family income and expenses for the most recent calendar year for which an income tax return has been filed. You will need to verify your application by uploading your most recent tax return after you submit your application online. The nonrefundable fee for applying for assistance is $35 and is payable online by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or ACH.

How to Apply

To apply for tuition assistance, please complete the Tuition Assistance Application found below. When applying, use the tuition rates for the current school year if tuition has not been published for the upcoming year. All copies of W-2’s,1040 tax return, and recent pay stub(s) must be uploaded to FACTS for final verification. If you have any trouble uploading, please call our business office at 901-380-9192.

Start the Application Required Materials

Newly Enrolled WA Students - A $200 one-time enrollment fee due at the time you accept your contract.

Siblings of Current Students - If you have a child that is not currently a Westminster student but whom you are planning to enroll for the upcoming school year, you should apply for assistance for that child along with your other children. However, an award will not be made for that child until he or she is formally admitted to Westminster. 

Award Notifications - You will be notified by e-mail if you do or do not receive a tuition assistance award. The offer of tuition assistance is extended for a period of 2 weeks; at that time the offer will expire and the funds will be transferred back to the general tuition assistance budget to be made available for new families. Please contact us as necessary with any extenuating circumstances which require additional time.

MOST Scholarship - Westminster Academy is a Memphis Opportunity Scholarship Trust (MOST) partner school. New applicants for the scholarship are accepted in February of each year for the following school year. For more information about the MOST program and to find out if your family qualifies for a MOST scholarship, visit the link provided below.

Apply for the MOST Scholarship

“For assessing Westminster’s success in my life, it’s not what I’ve learned or who I’ve become, but who I am becoming, and for better or for worse, you can’t put a price tag on that.” - Will Frazier