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Supplies & Uniforms

Unless you opt out, school supplies will be ordered for your child through First Day School Supplies. If you would prefer a list instead, please email Terri White for your GS student’s list.

To Opt out of the charge, please email Kim Durham.

First Day School Supplies is the company we will order all school supplies through for the Grammar School. The costs are as follows: 


  • WEE – $23.99
  • JK – $77.99
  • K Boy – $49.99
  • K Girl – $48.99
  • 1st – $40.99
  • 2nd Boy – $84.99
  • 2nd Girl – $83.99
  • 3rd – $59.99
  • 4th – $73.99
  • 5th – $77.99
  • 6th – $64.99 students to also bring a TI- 30XA calculator and either (3) 1 inch binders OR (1) 3 inch binder

Most of our uniform pieces come from Lands’ End – Westminster’s school code is 900040882

There is typically a uniform consignment sale in August. Please watch your email and social media for information about date/times!

There is a uniform resale Facebook group, search “Westminster Academy Uniform Resale/Exchange” 

Boys’ ties are available for purchase through Holt Hall’s office

Although this is specific to your child, generally, students need 1 polo shirt for each day of the week, and 1 full dress uniform. For boys, they generally need 1 pair of pants (or shorts) for each day of the week. For girls, the uniform plaid skirt can be worn 2-3 days with different modesty shorts, so they may only need 2 skirts total.

You can find the uniform guidelines under the “current parents” tab on our website or click here!

PSALM stands for PE, Science, Art, Latin, and Music. These are the additional (outside the classroom) classes that your GS student will participate in each week.

Writing: Handwriting Without Tears

Literature: Neuhaus

Math: Singapore Approach



While we have attempted to roll most fees into tuition (including the 8th grade trip to D.C. and senior trip to Italy), there are a few additional fees to expect. If your child plays sports, there is an additional athletic fee; same with choir, many after school activities, and enrichments. 

Student Life & Culture

We will email all new parents to schedule choir auditions and make you aware of the fall sports tryouts. If there is a particular sport your are interested in, please make sure to contact Elizabeth Perkins for details!

Bel Canto-special choir ensemble (US)

Dolce- all girls choir ensemble(US)

String Ensemble (US)

Middle School choir is by audition, 7th-8th grades, and meets twice a week during the school day.

Grammar School choir is by audition, 4th-6th grades, and it meets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school.

High School choir is by audition, 9th-12th grades, and meets three times a week during the school day.

The WPA is the Westminster Parents’ Association. As a parent of a Westminster Student, you are automatically a member of the Westminster Parents’ Association. There are opportunities to volunteer for different events and meetings throughout the year.

Aftercare is a program available to students in JK-8th grade from 3:15-6:15 pm. The purpose is to provide extended care for students with working parents or to bridge the time between end of school and the start of an enrichment. Enrichments are run through the aftercare program. 

Enrichments are additional activities available to Westminster students and run through the Aftercare program. These offering vary by semester, but some of the option available include: Knitting club, Guitar, Ballet, Yoga, Zumba, Tennis, Gymnastics, Dance.  The fees for each activity vary accordingly. 

Extracurriculars include clubs, athletics, and additional activities. These include Youth In Government, Yearbook, Mock Trial, Artist Guild, and more!

Zip code reports for nearby families are available in the admission office. Please email Elizabeth Perkins if you would like a list of other families who live in your zip code.

Meet the Teacher Day takes place on the day before the first day of school. As a new family, you will visit your child’s classroom/homeroom to meet their teacher and familiarize yourself with the classroom. Teachers are available to help set up desks, answer questions, and put your student at ease before coming on the first day.

READ THE WEEKLY! This is your first and best resource for information going on at the school each week. There will be announcements, athletic schedules, ticket sales and more. 

In addition to the school-wide Weekly, there is an Upper School Student weekly that comes from Robin Reed to all US students. 

Each Grammar School teacher will also send home a class-specific newsletter each week. Some send email and some send a hard copy, but this is where you will find specific announcements about your student’s assignments, special dress code days, feasts, and activities.

At Westminster, the JK and Kindergarten programs are half days with an option for the Westminster Extended Enrichment Program (WEE), which lasts through the end of the school day at 3 p.m. 

Your little ones will be taught reading readiness skills and many will move right into reading. They will refine their fine motor skills as they practice coloring, drawing, cutting, and writing. Gross motor skills will develop through guided and free play, PE, and classroom activities. They will have opportunities throughout the week to engage in art, music, science, and sensory exploration. Each day includes lots of reading aloud and once a week, older Grammar School students visit to read aloud with their younger Grammar School buddies.